April 15

A Simple Formula for Catching Your Customer’s Attention

"Marketing is a contest for other people's attention."

- Seth Godin

Your customer’s world is noisy. 

They’re seeing thousands of marketing messages every day, and it can feel impossible to cut through the noise and actually get their attention. 

But if you want to sell them your stuff, you’ve got to figure out a way to reach them and grab their focus long enough to show them you can help.

Our brains are wired to constantly scan the world for trouble. We’re always looking for the things that are going to get in our way, cause us pain, or take what we’ve already got away from us. And once we identify those things, we develop a single-minded focus on making that trouble go away.

In your marketing, that means you have to identify the things that keep your customers from living the life they want to live and then show them how you make those things go away.

In short, you’ve got to talk about their problems. They’re not paying attention until you do.

You’ve got to shift the way you think about what you sell. From now on, it’s medicine.

But unless you want to end up in prison, you can’t just walk around offering people medicine without understanding their symptoms first. You’ve got to show them that what you’ve got for sale is the solution to the specific problem they’re experiencing.

If you present them with a path out of the danger before you show them that the danger is there, your customers don’t know they need it. They don’t care, so they don’t pay attention.

I’ll show you.

Imagine you’re at a party and you meet two barbers. 

You ask one of them what he does for a living and he says, “I’m a barber.” Great. Whatever.

Then you ask the second barber what he does for a living and he says, “You know, most guys get haircuts that don’t fit the shape of their head and end up being really unflattering. I’m a barber and I help men get the right haircut for their head shape.”

Which one are you going to see for your next haircut?

There’s a simple formula for making sure you get this right every time you create marketing material for your business:

“A lot of [Customers] struggle with [Problem]. I’m a [service you provide] that helps them [success].”

When you use a formula like this, it gets really easy to position your product as exactly the thing your customers need to get where they’re trying to go. They know you’re going to fix their problems and make their life better, so making the sale becomes really easy.

Still not sure exactly how to get it right? I get it. That’s what I’m here for.

Getting clarity in your marketing can be a really overwhelming process. I’m a marketing coach, and I help leaders in businesses of all sizes get more sales and customers by clarifying their messaging.

(see what I did there?)

Anyway, I’d love to chat. It’s super simple (and super free) to book a quick strategy session with me. We’ll chat for 20 minutes or so and give you some good ideas for messaging clarity, plus we can see if makes sense for us to work together.

Either way, you’ll leave with some simple things you can implement right away that will make you more money. Which is cool.

About Me.

I'm Kyle - the Founder and CEO of GuidePost. I love pit bull puppies, automating email campaigns, and coffee ice cream. I also enjoy helping business owners like you make marketing less complicated.


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